How much will it cost?

An initial consultation with Dr Macaulay is £338.00 (£368.00). This usually lasts 50 to 60 minutes. Extended consultations involving the family are £390.00 (£422.00). There is liaison with the General Practitioner and an assessment letter written.

At this point it is normally possible to outline a treatment plan and give a fair assessment of cost for the course of treatment. Follow-up appointments normally last about 40 minutes, and cost  £256.00 (£286.00). Short follow-up consultations cost £164.00 (£194.00).  The prices in brackets refer to the fees if you are seen at the clinic.

Emergency and out of hours appointments attract a premium of at least 25%.

Thus, a typical cost for a course of outpatient treatment that includes some sessions with a psychotherapist could be about £4500.00 spread over a year.

In-patient charges can be found on the Cardinal Clinic web-site. It is worth noting that a number of fixed price options are available.

Medical and other reports are charged on an hourly basis, £308.00. Please note that they can be surprisingly time consuming to write.

There is a charge of £17.50 for repeat prescriptions and £23.50 for CD prescriptions.

In spite of the obvious clinical risks, sometimes follow-up consultations by telephone or Skype can be appropriate and are charged at the same rate as face to face fees.

If you have health insurance, subject to policy restrictions, the fees charged by Dr Macaulay are normally covered in full.