How much will it cost?

An initial consultation with Dr Macaulay is £390.00. This usually lasts 50 to 60 minutes. Extended consultations involving the family, are £430.00.

Home visit fees are the same plus a travel allowance charge.

The fee includes liaison with the General Practitioner and an assessment letter.

At this point it is normally possible to outline a treatment plan and give a fair assessment of cost for the course of treatment.

Follow-up appointments normally last about 40 minutes, and cost  £280.00. Short follow-up consultations cost £180.00.

Emergency and out of hours appointments attract a premium of at least 35%.

Thus, a typical cost for a course of outpatient treatment that includes some sessions with a psychotherapist could be about £5,500.00 spread over a year.

In-patient charges can be found on the Cardinal Clinic website. It is worth noting that a number of fixed price options are available.

Medical and other reports are charged on an hourly basis, £320.00. Please note that they can be surprisingly time consuming to write.

There is a charge of £19.50 for repeat prescriptions and £27.50 for CD prescriptions.

If you have health insurance, subject to policy restrictions, the fees charged by Dr Macaulay are normally covered in full.