L’Université Paris Descartes

This is the second time I have taught at the medical school. My colleague, Dr Flavia Leslie and I had an intensive week teaching the undergraduates about mental health. In 2015 we visited just after the terrorist attacks and did quite a lot of work on trauma and PTSD. This time we were able to lecture about more general psychiatric topics.

As well as small group seminar work we undertook some set-piece lectures to several hundred students. In these sessions we took turns to role-play patients and interview situations along with video presentations.  I could see that the students were gripped by nurse Jill and her PTSD that Dr Leslie portrayed.

Dr Andrew Macaulay
Some last minute thoughts over breakfast.

I enjoyed role-playing Mr Tin-man, who was a Schizophrenic. The students were a bit shocked by his tinfoil helmet which deflected the special radiation controlling his mind.

Philippe Persiaux and Martine Chauffeté-Manillie from the Enseignant d’anglais, PRAG, FACULTÉ DE MÉDECINE organised the week for us. The students are most fortunate to have such an energetic and enthusiastic department and it was great fun to work there.